Mobile Cash Mate Review

Bank transfer, Cheque
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Overall Review

Good 8 out of 10

Overall rating of 3 stars
Average price rating of 3 stars
Average speed rating of 4 stars
Average customer satisfaction rating of 3 stars
Customer satisfaction rating of 1 star

Written on 28/12/2014.

Found MCM on a comparison site. As it offered the highest price, I predictably decided to go with them. I sent the phone off protected in bubble wrap and the original packaging. Once they had received the phone, they sent an email quoting a price for the phone that was less than half that of the original quote given online! Bare in mind, this phone was in near pristine condition (it was never without a screen protector or case). They stated there was damage to the screen but I am absolutely sure this was not the case. Naturally, I declined this offer and asked to have the phone sent back. The phone never arrived. Supposedly, it was 'lost' by Royal Mail. After many emails and threatening to take them to court, they eventually offered a slightly more reasonable payment. To rid myself of the hassle, I accepted. Based on the reviews I have read on the company, this is clearly just how they operate. They seem to offer a great price online and then offer a significantly reduced price once they have your phone and the power. I only wish I had researched the company prior to sending them the phone. Lesson learned. Save yourself a lot of worry and stress and use another website.

Customer satisfaction rating of 4 stars

Written on 09/06/2014.

Very quick at sending money - thanks for your help comparing prices

Customer satisfaction rating of 3 stars

Written on 02/05/2014.